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The Shushan Channel Standard Package brings you 10 sketches of your choosing, comprehensive prop, costume, staging & casting guidelines, and sound and music cues as appropriate. If you'd prefer just a few sketches to supplement your own efforts, pro-rated pricing packages are available.

E-mail Rob Kutner at info@shushanchannel.com to get started or if you have any questions.

How it Works

The Shushan Channel has a library of over 30 sketches, musical numbers, and short films (and growing every year!), subdivided by age and type of audience.

E-mail us at info@shushanchannel.com and we'll send you our Master List of synopses, free of charge (free samples also available upon request). If you'd like to speak by phone, let us know that and someone will contact you promptly. You can then purchase:

The Shushan Channel Standard Package: 10 full-length pieces of your choosing (or we can help you build a package that's perfect for your group) - a full evening's Purim Spiel.


A custom selection of individual pieces, to supplement your own community's Spieling efforts (price subject to number and type of selections)

You'll receive:

The scripts for all your selections
Comprehensive prop & costume lists
Complete staging & casting guidelines, to suit your budget and community
Sound and music, as appropriate
Copies of any short films purchased (DVD or VHS)
Insights, advice and photos from the Shushan Channel team on past productions of your selected pieces

Purim's getting closer - what are you waiting for? E-mail us today, and let the Shushan Channel take your Spiel to the next level!