The Pitch!

Has Purim attendance been lacking? Having a spiel written by professional Jewish comedy writers will make a lot more people interested in coming to celebrate.

Money-making opportunity. Fundraising is tough with tickets to the same old tired Purim show year after year. THE SHUSHAN CHANNEL is a great way to get people excited about Purim and more willing to pay the price of a ticket. In New York, the Shushan Channel has sold out to bigger and bigger crowds every year .

Community Buy-In With a wide variety of fast-paced, funny sketches, different groups in your congregation or community can take charge of, cast, and perform each one. Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Clergy, Religious School Teachers, Youth Group Boards: Each one can take pride in putting on their own sketch in front of the whole community. Let the Hebrew School Arts and Crafts group work on stage decorations. Make it a big group effort!

Economical. It’s an investment. Just $500 to bring in a show that can bring you back thousands in ticket sales.

Time Saving. Between Brisses, B’nai Mitzvah and Weddings, we know how tight Jewish leaders’ schedules can be. Instead of stressing over a last-minute Spiel, you can purchase one that will actually make people laugh!

Make It Your Own! We’ve included plenty of opportunities to incorporate local jokes, local stars, and local references to ensure that you have a unique and fun Spiel.

Build a Reputation. Every group is looking to increase the active presence of 18-35 year olds. A Spiel with comedy by hilarious writers will bring the young adults! Get unaffiliated folks in your doors!

It’s not just your audience that will love THE SHUSHAN CHANNEL. From actors to costumes, rehearsals to performance, nothing helps bring together a community like working together on a Purim Spiel they can be proud of!