“Kutner & Levinson have taken an ancient format - the Purim Spiel - and segued it seamlessly into what feels like the live set of a kosher Daily Show... Combining the best of Jewish tradition (Good guys! Bad guys! Naked ex-queens! My beautiful niece!), and a host of contemporary pop culture references (is that Paris Hilton trying out for Queen of Persia?), The Shushan Channel is simply the best show in town on Purim. And after four sold-out years, this year the show's in syndication - coming to a venue near you...” – Nigel Savage, Executive Director, Hazon.

“The Shushan Channel was a huge success at Makor! This year's event was so popular that we couldn't quite fit everyone in... a hilarious show retelling the story of Esther as if it were a pilot for Comedy Central.” – Brice Rosenbloom, Program Director, Makor Center for Jewish Life, New York City

“We always talk about how great it would be to do a big Purim Spiel, but until now, it has been too big of a task. Enter the Shushan Channel. The sketches were timely, funny and, most importantly, easy to use. The Shushan Channel provided us with sketches, stage directions and prop lists. We are really grateful they’ve created this inexpensive, professionally written, easy-to-use product for us.
– Rachel Gross, Director, Germantown Jewish Center, Germantown, PA

“I was very pleased that all the minyanim came together for a Purim Spiel - and one relatively devoid of ‘inside jokes’ that only a few would get.” – George Stern

“Fine, funny and well done.” – George Spear